CRO Services

CTMG’s Adaptive Investigative Site Management® allows our CRO partners to “start closer to the finish line”

CTMG’s unique Site Specific Research Organization (“SSRO”) business structure provides Physician Investigative Site performance certainty. Partnering with CTMG removes the risk of delays to the CRO and Sponsor’s clinical trial timeline and data review, as shown on the Adaptive Investigative Site Management® and Average Monthly Enrollment Rates pages. No other service partnership can provide such a distinct advantage at the RFP stage for new clinical trials.

CTMG’s Adaptive Investigative Site Management® provides advantages at the Physician Investigative Site that complement Adaptive Clinical Trial design by providing the CRO and Sponsor with pre-designed processes that are actively adapted based on real-time review of site performance. In fact, successful Adaptive Clinical Trial design requires study data that is generated on time and as intended in order to achieve its efficiencies.

Only CTMG’s Adaptive Investigative Site Management® can provide this speed and certainty of data quality, as only CTMG utilizes cGMP-like protocol-specific processes linked to real time quality systems at the Investigative Site. See The CTMG Difference page for more information.

Without such systems, no CRO can assure a Sponsor of the necessary Investigative Site performance. With CTMG partnering as an SSRO, the CRO can confidently provide hard patient randomization and study completion timelines to Sponsor at the RFP.

  • CTMG’s SSRO service enables 5-30x faster enrollment and superior data quality recognized by the FDA, as we are able to work with the Physician directly, in areas off-limits to the CRO due to conflict-of-interest regulations. See the Adaptive Investigative Site Management® page for more information.
  • CTMG is a Business Associate of each of our Network PI sites, enabling our enrollment department to pre-screen and qualify hundreds of patients fitting the Sponsor protocol I/E criteria prior to award of contract. CTMG is able to offer a de-identified patient list in support of a joint CRO/CTMG RFP presentation.
  • CTMG sites are ready to schedule hundreds of qualified, PI approved patients in the first week following Site Initiation.
  • Following randomization, our real time, onsite quality systems ensure each patient proceeds to the “next step” through rapid identification and elimination of any barriers to forward progress, ensuring the industry’s highest patient retention metrics.

CTMG enjoys working with CRO partners who share our vision of completing Sponsor clinical trials in the most efficient, safe, and cost effective manner possible, utilizing quality system review to rapidly guide selection of the most appropriate adaptive paths.