Physician Services




When physicians work with CTMG, they stay focused on conducting medical procedures, interpreting data, reviewing results and overseeing overall safety and patient rights – in short, the things physicians are expert in, and enjoy doing.

And what does CTMG do? We put into practice the lessons about process control learned by a former Physician Investigator, turned biotech company founder and entrepreneur, who also happens to be our founder and CEO. Which means we provide each site with design-reviewed cGMP-like process controls – implemented by our deeply trained subject-matter experts – that translate protocol requirements into discrete operational steps. And then our quality system team reviews every step’s completion in real time, throughout the entire lifespan of the study.

So instead of being loaded down with the operational issues and paperwork – all for, quite literally, little or no gain – physicians get to actually practice medicine. And participate in cutting-edge research. And do the things they’re best at. And – since the sponsors pay a premium for the speed and certainty CTMG-partner sites offer – get compensated fairly for their time.