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Adaptive Investigative Site Management® (“AISM”) consistently ensures Physician Investigative Sites randomize contracted qualified patient numbers with completed follow-up visits, per originally forecast timelines. The continuous quality review of protocol-specific process completion guides selection of efficient adaptive paths.

CTMG developed its Site Specific Research Organization (“SSRO”) service to provide a cGMP-like controlled environment to “push” clinical trial data out from the Physician Investigative site using documented protocol specific processes.

As in cGMP, discrete measurable steps are linked to quality system review to ensure completion on time and as intended. Data collected using AISM is reviewed within minutes by CTMG personnel. This review guides selection of adaptive process paths to achieve the most efficient completion of the “next protocol step”.

CTMG’s proprietary Adaptive Review System is employed continuously by CTMG’s eleven subject-matter expert service teams, who meet twice daily to identify and eliminate barriers to each patient’s progress. In our last 15 studies, monthly enrollment rates at CTMG-managed sites were often orders of magnitude greater than non-CTMG sites (see data) that did not employ CTMG’s SSRO service.

Adaptive Investigative Site Management® is comprised of three services. Click on the options below to see how each of these can be configured to help you complete your trial as intended.