“CTMG’s professional and courteous staff allowed my multi-physician Nephrology practice to participate in several large pharmaceutical and medical device trials. CTMG does an excellent job managing all of the complex tasks associated in running a clinical trial, freeing the physician to focus on patient care. I highly recommend CTMG’s services.”

Mark Vannorsdall, MD, top enroller in both pharmaceutical and medical device studies with CTMG

“I have been involved with multiple clinical studies in both my academic and private pulmonology practices. Given my experience, I was skeptical that CTMG could comprehensively manage my studies without making onerous impositions on my practice’s time. I had stopped doing clinical studies several years ago as when all the time requirements are accounted for, I discovered I was not only being compensated at an hourly rate of less than $20/hr, but was losing thousands of dollars by limiting my scheduled patient times to accommodate study paper work completion. Working with CTMG for the first time, I was the nation’s #1 enroller for a COPD study, even though my site was the last to be activated. I was impressed with the enormous volume of paperwork that CTMG methodically handled with such a large number of patients, as I wasn’t accustomed to signing hundreds of documents a month. Not only was I able to work the clinical visits into my practice without disruption, but I was also receiving fair compensation for my time. I highly recommend CTMG to any physician that would like to participate in clinical studies, but either believes they don’t have the time, or have had a less than rewarding experience participating in trials without them.”

Robert Dietrich, MD, Principal Investigator

“I used CTMG in a previous position with a different company where they enrolled 85% of the subjects from their sites (they had 2 out of 9 sites). I’ve since taken a new position with [[another company]]. Currently I am trying to get them involved in one of our new device trials.”

Project Manager from one of the three largest Medical Device Companies in the World

“For one ongoing trial featuring challenging inclusion and exclusion criteria, three CTMG investigators were selected to participate as add-on sites in an effort to rescue enrollment timelines. Rapid site start-up and robust patient identification efforts at CTMG positioned the study to be fully enrolled in a timely fashion. All three CTMG investigators were among the top enrollers, despite having only a fraction of the recruitment time allotted to the other sites participating on this trial.”

Assistant Director, Clinical Operations

“You make the process painless.”

Dr. Patrick Brillant, GI Surgeon, Principal Investigator

“CTMG has reinvented the clinical research space turning the impossible into the routine. It sounds ‘too good to be true,’ but once I made the trip to their office to see it in action, I understood how it conceptually was possible. I didn’t actually believe it until they repeatedly finished patient enrollment ahead of schedule utilizing a small number of Physician Sites in several studies.”

Current Chief Medical Officer, and former Clinical Global Vice President for two top-ten Pharmaceutical Companies